Julie Montel, born in 1982,  lives in Paris. She grew up in a little countryside village near Bordeaux, but as citizen of the world  she has travelled broadly and lived in Barcelona, Buenos Aires and Indonesia.

Since her early childhood she studied dance and music, with a special attraction to Jazz and Classic themes. After a communications Degree she decided to pursue her inner desires and explore her artistic sides by integrating an acting school in Paris. 

In parallel, and feeding her passion for electronic music, she created a label, Petite records to promote her artistic choices. By then, she started to capture in images the clubbers culture and signed her first photographic coverage contracts with clubs, festivals and magazines.

In the last years, Montel’s work has evolved to broader subjects: architecture, still lifes, street photography, urban & wild landscapes.


«Exhibition II » at Paname Café (ParisFr) – 2012
« Collective Exhibition by Lomography » at Paname Café (Paris-Fr) – 2012
« Party Intime » at La Galerie du Cheval de Sable  (Paris-Fr) – 2013
« Black clubbers » at Barcelona (Sp) -2015
Collective Exhibition at The Dark Room Gallery at Minneapolis (Minnesota -US) – 2014
« L’Instant Décisif » at La Galerie Beaurepaire (Paris) – 2014
« Passenger » at Paname Café (Paris) – 2016
« Super Natural » at Cap-ferret (France) – 2017                                                                                                                                                                                                                     «Exhibition for Provocative Woman For Music Event» (Paris) –  February 2020                                                                                                                                                                        Residency (1 month) at Centre d’Art – Le Manoir (Mouthier-Haute-Pierre) – March 2020                                                                                                                                                   Exhibition at 5un7 Gallery – Bordeaux – December 2020



2018: Cover photo on the Jean-Claude Vannier biography book « L’arrangeur des arrangeurs », written by Rémin Foutel and Julien Vuillet published on Le Mot et le Reste Edition (March 2018).
2014: « L’instant Decisif » Contest in tribute to Henri Cartier-Bresson: Rank 44 on +6500 photografers                                                                                                             Publications 2018: Cover of the book « L’arrangeur des arrangeurs » by Remi Foutel and Julien Vuillet released on Le mot et le reste edition.
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